Proposed Projects

Proposed new building

There are so many projects for Holy Cross Orthodox Hospital.

Currently the main one on the list is a proposed new building.
The proposed new building is to increase and improve service delivery and the quality of health within the facility and country at large

The existing hospital has a number of challenges as well as opportunities that may be improved once taken advantage of

Strength and Opportunities

• The strategic location of the facility ….which is in the hub of the city
• Enough land for expansion
• No modern facility in the area
• The high population to hospital ratio in the country.

Weaknesses and Threats
• Inadequate resources (human resource, finances)
• Old and small structures
• Private not for Profit
• Serves the under privileged
• Lack of emergency services
• No parking area.

• Lack of designated areas for patientsThere are no proper designated areas for the patients to wait for medical services. Many are actually seen sitting or standing in direct sunlight as they wait for the medical services.
Why the need for a new facility?

• The patient/ population to hospital ratio is high in the country. This therefore means that people have to move very long distances to access good healthcare services.

• The existing capacity of the hospital is not capable of handling modern and sophisticated healthcare delivery.

• The new facility will cater for specialized and super specialized services in the region

• The environment, the existing buildings and the surroundings are currently not designed to aid the process of healing. The new facility will cater for this.
New building design brief
The new facility will have a number of facilities. These include in-patient, out-patient, emergency, isolation services, staff and support facilities.

In-patient services
• Surgical wards
• Obstetrics and gynecology wards
• Theatres
• Treatment rooms
• Medical wards
• Paediatric wards
• Psychiatric wards
• Physiotherapy department
Out-patient services
• Clinics/ dispensaries
• Emergency department
• Pharmacy

Diagnostic services
• X-ray and radiology room
• Laboratory
Support services
• Data/Records room
• Bathrooms and toilets
• Circulation
• Research
• Cafeteria and kitchen
• Staff offices
• Mortuary
• Laundry
• Parking